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Infrared Light,White 275W Near Red Infrared Heat Lamp

“Experience the Power of 275W Infrared Light with Our High-Power Floor Infrared Lamp

Our high-power floor infrared lamp harnesses the strength of a 275W bulb, offering customizable temperature settings for your comfort. To ensure safety, maintain a minimum distance of 18 inches from the heat lamp, and avoid touching it when in use.”


275w Red Infrared light


Why Infrared Lamp Devices Are Popular?

  1. Versatile Healing: Infrared lamps emit red and infrared light, known for their deep penetration and thermal effects. They enhance blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and aid tissue repair.
  2. Safe and Gentle: These lamps maintain a controlled temperature, avoiding skin burns and ensuring user safety.
  3. Wide Applications: In addition to pain relief and inflammation reduction, they promote skin rejuvenation, accelerate wound healing, address women’s health issues, and treat various soft tissue injuries.

Red Infrared light

Infrared Light 02

Infrared Heat Lamp

Featuring a potent 275W high-power bulb, our infrared heat lamp ensures effective skin penetration and absorption of infrared light.

Benefits of Infrared Lamps:

  1. Pain Relief: Alleviates pain and discomfort.
  2. Skin Tissue Enhancement: Improves skin health and appearance.
  3. Wound Healing Promotion: Accelerates the healing of wounds.
  4. Arthritis Relief: Eases arthritis-related discomfort.
  5. Enhanced Blood Circulation: Improves blood flow.
  6. Hair and Fitness Benefits: Offers beauty and fitness advantages.

Infrared heat lamp


Infrared Heat Lamp Equipment: Your Deserved Benefits

  1. Pain Relief and Inflammation Control: Infrared heat lamps effectively inhibit inflammation, control staphylococcal infections, relax muscles, and enhance aerobic metabolism in painful areas. This breaks the cycle of pain, reducing muscle spasms and discomfort.
  2. Accelerated Wound Healing: The biological stimulation from infrared heat lamps promotes tissue fiber cell and endothelial cell proliferation, boosts cell metabolism, synthesizes cells, fosters granulation tissue growth, and speeds up wound healing.
  3. Blood Lipid Reduction: Infrared heat stimulates enzymes in the blood, aiding in the breakdown of excess fat. This increases blood oxygen levels, expediting free radical removal, and interfering with lipid peroxidation, resulting in reduced cholesterol and blood lipid levels.
  4. Thrombosis Prevention: Infrared heat reduces vasoconstrictor substances, increases vasodilator substances, and lowers blood clot formation. This helps prevent cardiovascular and cerebral thrombotic diseases, such as stroke, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, and coronary heart disease.

The use of infrared light devices in different scenarios

Infrared Light

Infrared Light

Infrared Light

Simple arrangement

Infrared Light

Infrared Light

Infrared Light


1. Insert the wheel into the hole, and insert the 2 rod grooves into each other

2.With screws,Fix the expansion pipe and screw it up

3.Pull, out the stainless steel telescopic rod

4.Connect and clamp the lamp cap


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