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PUPCA Cold Laser Therapy Device for Dogs

Experience the remarkable benefits of our Red Light Therapy Belt, equipped with a total of 128 powerful 660nm red lights and 256 cutting-edge 830-880nm infrared lights.

How it works:

The 660nm red light works wonders by kickstarting metabolism, enhancing blood circulation, and providing soothing relief from pain.

On the other hand, the 830-880nm infrared light delves deep beneath the surface, targeting subcutaneous tissues and muscles to alleviate joint discomfort and reduce inflammation.

In simpler terms, it’s like a magical healing light belt for your furry friend!



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1 A+1
Cold Laser Belt Wrap for Dogs Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs 6 Color
Laser Number 384 96
Laser Wavelength 660nm,808nm 520nm~940nm
Coverage Targeting large areas of pain and skin Specific area specific skin diseases and pain


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