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Light Therapy Device with Stand (30″-78″)

“Elevate your light therapy experience with our Light Therapy Device with Stand. This versatile device offers the convenience of hands-free use, allowing you to target specific areas effectively while enjoying maximum comfort and ease of use. Enhance your well-being and promote a brighter, healthier you with our innovative light therapy solution.”


YMM Red Light Therapy for Body

Why Opt for YMM Red Light Body Therapy?

YMM’s red light therapy for the face and neck stands out with its all-metal construction and anti-tipping design, ensuring exceptional durability and stability. Equipped with efficient LED chips, it offers a broader coverage for effective light treatment. Additionally, the enhanced insulation of the bulb shell ensures a safer experience for home use.

Red Light Therapy for Body

A new upgraded version of the red light therapy lamp

For the problems of the general infrared red light therapy for the face on the market, the use of a new version of the design, more in line with the needs of users, provides better treatment.

Description of Functions

Pro-Level Face Red Light Therapy

Featuring a 660nm red light panel and 850nm infrared therapy, it deeply penetrates tissues for optimal results. With 5-level brightness adjustments and convenient timers, it’s versatile, efficient, and user-friendly.

Red light therapy with stand

Red Light Therapy with Stand

Use YMM red light therapy light at home to make your life healthier, your body stronger, and your skin more delicate.

Any part & any time, reduce injury pain

Use Red Light Therapy at Home

When you come home after a hard day, you can use the timing setting of the red therapy light bed, and you don’t have to worry that it will be on all the time, at the same time, you can use the¬†infrared¬†therapy light at home at any time to relieve your pain.

Red light therapy device


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