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Red light therapy blanket

  • “Discover the Red Light Therapy Blanket, your gateway to radiant skin and improved well-being. Harnessing the power of red light therapy (660nm) and invisible infrared therapy (850nm), this innovative blanket enhances circulation, metabolism, and cellular regeneration from the comfort of your home. Experience a more vibrant complexion and increased vitality with the Red Light Therapy Blanket – your convenient path to wellness.”


  • red & infrared light therapy for full body

    CAMECO has made it possible to enjoy light therapy just by lying on the mat at home

    CAMECO brings light therapy to your home, making optimal health and well-being accessible to all. We believe in the affordability and accessibility of technologies that enhance our appearance and vitality. Our mission is to provide high-quality light therapy products that improve the quality of life for all.

    red & infrared light therapy for full body

    Unlock Multiple Benefits with Our 2-in-1 Red and Infrared Light Therapy Mats!

    • Experience Faster Workout Recovery, Pain Relief, Glowing Skin, and Increased Energy Levels!

      Elevate Your Circadian Rhythm and Enjoy Deeper, More Restful Sleep!

      Discover the Ultimate Red Light Therapy Solution with CAMECO’s Innovative Mat!

    red & infrared light therapy for full body

    Consistency Is Key: Make the Most of Your Therapy Pad

    Regular use is crucial for effective results. We recommend daily usage as light therapy nourishes your cells. To optimize outcomes, focus on the specific area you want to treat. Aim for 15-30 minutes per session, at least 4 times a week.

    red & infrared light therapy for full body

    Optimal Light Therapy: 660nm & 850nm Wavelengths

    Effective red and near-infrared light therapy relies on precise wavelengths: 660nm (red light) and 850nm (near-infrared light). Research confirms these wavelengths exert the most significant biological influence on the body’s cells. Red light excels at surface-level skin treatments, while near-infrared light penetrates deeper, making it ideal for targeting joints, muscles, and even the brain.

    red & infrared light therapy for full body

    Elevate Your Overall Wellbeing and Mood Boost

    Experience a custom-designed, high-power light therapy mat that prioritizes your health. Red light therapy invigorates our cells’ mitochondria, enhancing ATP production, the cellular energy source. With increased energy, cells function optimally, offering a multitude of benefits from red and near-infrared light therapy.

    red & infrared light therapy for full body


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