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Red Light Therapy Device For Horse

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Red light therapy for horses

Red light therapy is an amazing way to aid in healing injuries and promote your horse’s well-being. It involves using specific red light rays to safely penetrate tissues and prevent or heal injuries. By incorporating light panels or pads into your horse’s routine, you can provide targeted relief and support their recovery. It’s a fantastic way to prevent strains and soreness before and after exercise, keeping your horse feeling their best.

How does red light therapy act?

Red light therapy for horses is super cool! It works by absorbing red light into different layers of soft tissue, which helps create new capillaries and boosts circulation and blood flow. This can speed up the healing process for soft tissue injuries, wounds, and inflammation. Another awesome benefit is that it increases collagen production, which can reduce the formation of scar tissue. When it comes to common horse injuries and issues, red light therapy can be a game-changer. It’s been known to help with arthritis, laminitis, tendon injuries, bone bruising, splits, abscesses, muscle strains, swelling, inflammation, sore backs of necks, and even wounds or cuts. Plus, it releases endorphins that relax muscles and fight pain, making it perfect for horses before training or competitions, or during stall-rest for injuries.

Why red light therapy used for horses:

Red light therapy used for horses because it helps in treat various conditions like reducing pain , inflammation , muscle soreness, muscle stiffness, increase blood circulation, increase energy production, helps in arthritic pain, , reducing abscess, helps in tendon injuries, bruising, laminitis and promotes wound healing. Many red light therapy devices are commenly used for horses to treat verious condition.

Benefits of red light therapy on horses:

Red light therapy has multiple benefits to horses. Here are some conditions or injuries which might get benefits through red light therapy:

  • Inflammation
  • Muscle soreness 
  • Splits
  • Abscess 
  • Laminitis 
  • Navicular
  • Tendon injuries
  • Bone bruising
  • Neck and back soreness
  • Reducing pain
  • Relaxes muscles 
  • Tissue regeneration 
  • Wound healing
  • Increase blood circulation 
  • Stimulates collagen production 

How frequently should you treat your horse with red light therapy?

Red light therapy is used for horses for a variety of conditions. You can incorporate red light therapy into your horse’s daily routine. It’s recommended to have 20-30 minute sessions once or twice a day. But it also depends upon the area for which you are going to use it. Using red light therapy before, after, or even prior to massage or therapy sessions can be extremely beneficial for your horse. It’s a fantastic way to address injuries, as well as to maintain their overall well-being.

  • Red light treatment can be an excellent approach to relax stiff muscles, tendons, and joints prior to regular training activities. Red light therapy can help your horse feel flexible and warmed up before entering the arena if they frequently feel tight, tense, or have sore backs of necks. It’s a great way to supplement your horse’s pre-training regimen and ensure peak performance.
  • Red light therapy for horses can assist your horse unwind and get ready for the massage or therapy sessions. It might be simpler for the masseuse or therapist to focus on the particular trouble spots. Red light treatment prepares the ground for a more fruitful and useful session by enabling the therapist to concentrate on the core issue. It’s a fantastic mixture that will improve both your horse’s general health and performance.
  • If red light therapy is used after exercise it helps them to relax while lowering inflammation, helping them recover from routine use-related pain.

Finding tips for best red light therapy for horses:

Due to portable devices, it’s now easier to treat your horses at your place. Many good products are available in the market. You can find them and use them for your horses’ comfort. Here are some example of good red light therapy products :

Classic Equine Magntx Overreach Boots

red light therapy for horses

Red light therapy Device for horses can promote healing in the navicular area or coffin bone by increasing blood flow to the hoof. It’s also beneficial for a variety of foot issues.

EquiCare LED Therapy® Red Light Equine Kit

That sounds like an amazing kit from EquiCare LED Therapy®! Having it in the barn is a great way to prevent, maintain, and treat soft tissue injuries in horses. It’s versatile and can help with conditions like arthritis, laminitis, navicular, tendon strains, and muscle swelling. The included bell boots, wraps, batteries, chargers, and extension belt make it a comprehensive solution. Plus, the case keeps everything organized. It’s a must-have for any horseman!

Red Light Therapy for Your Horse's Legs and Hooves

Your horse’s legs and hooves are fragile and deserve top-notch care. That’s why red light therapy can be an additional method to help maintain your horse’s well-being and facilitate the healing of any injuries.

EquiCare LED Therapy® Red Light Back and Hip Pad

Red light therapy helps in reducing back pain and hip pain. It causes muscles to relax and increase blood circulation. It also increases energy production. 



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