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Red Light Therapy For Scars

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If you are facing scars and worried about them and looking for some remedies or good treatment options. Then you should definitely try red light therapy which is well known for its potential benefits. You will definitely see difference before and after pictures
after using red light therapy.

What is red light therapy?

red light therapy for scars

Red light therapy is a therapy in which red light with specific wavelength is used to treat different conditions. It increases cellular activity, increase ATP production and increase wound healing. That’s why it’s helpful in reducing scars, acne marks and improve overall skin health. It makes you shine and glow. Red light therapy devices used commonly for treating acne, scars and for skin rejuvenation.


How red light therapy help in reducing scars?

red light therapy for scars

Red light therapy, also known as low-level light therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation, holds immense potential as an effective treatment for scars. Unlike traditional methods that simply minimize the appearance of scars, red light therapy works by penetrating tissue and stimulating cellular healing. By utilizing specific wavelengths of light (630 nm to 850 nm), it optimizes cell function and promotes the body’s natural self-healing processes. It’s like giving your cells a boost of energy to aid in scar reduction.
If you’re dealing with acne scarring, you might feel like it’s a permanent fixture on face and resort to covering it up with makeup. Or maybe you’ve tried invasive treatments like microdermabrasion, which can be painful, leave your skin sensitive and red, and require consistency and costly sessions. But red light therapy for scars can be a game-changer! It’s a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t have any downtime or side effects. Plus, it’s more affordable in the long run. You’ll see noticeable improvements in your scars without the pain and hassle.
Increased circulation: Research shows that red light therapy stimulates energy production and causes increase circulation. A study was conducted in 2017, by researchers of Wisconsin college. It shows that red light therapy also causes vasodilation which increases blood flow.

Increase energy production & reduce inflammation

In another research, red light therapy shows significant result in reducing inflammation and increasing energy production. Red light therapy helps in nerve regeneration and promote healing

Increased collagen production

Our skin is constantly regenerating, but scars don’t disappear over time because the collagen in scar tissue is organized differently. Red light therapy can help by stimulating collagen production and promoting the formation of a more organized collagen lattice, similar to healthy skin. This can improve the appearance and flexibility of scars, making them less noticeable and reducing any discomfort or restriction of movement. So, red light therapy offers a promising solution for reducing the appearance of scars and promoting skin rejuvenation.
A study was conducted in 2019 to observe the results of red light therapy on reducing scars. It was discovered that red light therapy helps in increasing collagen density and fibrosis thus it helps in reducing scars and creates healthier skin.

Activation of stem cells

Stem cells are like the body’s “jack-of-all-trades” cells. They can develop into different types of cells, including skin cells. Stem cells in the bone marrow are particularly important for healing. When there’s a skin wound, these stem cells can transform into healthy skin cells with a different genetic makeup than scar cells, potentially helping to improve the appearance of scars.
In 2013 a study was conducted, which shows that red light therapy which is also known as low light therapy helps in activating stem cells to promotes healing and cause tissue repair and regeneration.

Increased elasticity

Do you think why scars are inflexible? Scars are inflexible because of lack of collagen and elastin in them. Which is important for skin stretching. Boosting in elastin production helps in side tuning of scars and help them to repair and regain their movement.
In the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology a research was published in 2019. In which red light(640nm) and INR(830nm) used in combination to the layers of skin and results indicate that red light therapy shows proven result in boosting elastin production.

Does red light therapy helps in all type of scars?

red light therapy for scars

Red light therapy is helpful in reducing scars by promoting collagen production, boosting elastin production, increasing blood flow, increase ATP and reducing inflammation. You can use red light therapy at home because now many red light therapy portable devices, bulbs , panels and LED mask are available for your home use which are easy to use and handle. It can help in various type of scars like:

  •  Helps in reducing surgical scars
  •  Helps in reducing acne scars
  •  Helps in reducing accidental scars

Other benefits of red light therapy

red light therapy for scars

Red light shows proven result in many conditions. It is beneficial for your overall wellbeing. Some benefit are here:



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